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Some of my projects as a dev


Retail simulation game. Used in university introductory decision science classes. Supports playing bot competition using RestAPI

LGQM Generator

Use RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) to generate novel in Chinese, based on time-travel novel LGQM

Hola Player

Contributor to hola_player, an open source web video player based on VideoJS. Worked on various parts like container format parsing, streaming, UI and player control


Webcast video player with Danmaku (comments)


Real-time Q&A forum


Visual parser for JavaScript, illustrated


All-in-one classroom management

An old-time anime&manga fan, I draw on both pencil&paper and tablet

Also an amateur guitarist and musician. Some recordings and arrangement work below

The Waltzing Cat

Orignally by Leroy Anderson

Sea Duck's Waltz

Orignally by Olov Johansson

弱虫モンブラン (Coward Montblanc)

Originally by DECO*27, performed by Megpoid GUMI. Arrangement work with full score and audio


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Hi! Boyang here.

  • A dev that's

  • based in Singapore, the beautiful city-state

  • into anime/manga/vocaloid/games

  • on pro DotA2 scene

  • a believer for progress (Mars colonization, IVF, and more)

  • ......